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300-Year History

Standing on Over 300 Years History and Tradition: A Stable Launch Pad for Future Growth

Edo, Meiji, Taisho, Showa and Heisei.
MIKI & CO., LTD. is committed to business development, building on the tradition and technologies accumulated and the trust earned in over 300 years of history that have elapsed since its foundation in 1674.

Company Founded, Edo Branch Opened  
Edo Era 1674-1868
Switched to Indian Indigo, Synthetic Indigo
Meiji Era 1868-1912
Full-scale Entry into Dye Industry  
Taisho Era 1912-1926
Surviving the Depression, Wartime Controls  
Showa Era 1926-1951
Postwar Recovery and Overseas Strategies

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From Late Showa Era Years, 1951 to Present
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