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Full-scale Entry into Dye Industry Taisho Era 1912-1926

Sales Rights Acquired from A German Dyestuffs Manufacturer 1910-

After its establishment, the above-mentioned Daido Indigo Co., Ltd. took over our sales rights; in effect, we ended up as no more than one of a number of Daido Indigo special dealerships.

However, having been a leading name in the indigo industry for 200-plus years, we are unable to remain itself to being a special dealership. The focus now was on alternatives to indigo in the form of imported dyes manufactured by new techniques.

In those prosperous times, A German dyestuffs manufacturer was aiming to enter the Japanese market. Negotiations proceeded smoothly between two companies that were eager to collaborate. Having acquired exclusive sales rights from German manufacturer in 1910, we launched its imported dye sales business in earnest.

Yasuharu Miki, the 12th Yokichiro

Yasuharu Miki, the 12th Yokichiro

Diversifying into Chemicals 1914-

The economic downturn from the latter part of the Meiji Era gradually manifested itself in the dye industry, with poor sales and an import surplus heralding the start of the Taisho Era.

However, immediately after the outbreak of the First World War in June 1914, the economic situation in Japan underwent drastic changes and the market price of dyestuffs skyrocketed. Needless to say, this unprecedented situation was a great boon to the Company's fortunes.

But as the other countries involved in the war put a stop to dye imports from Germany and the boom proved to be short-lived, we were forced into serious difficulties.

As the Japanese government had urged the domestic production of the dye industry as a way to ease the situation, many dye factories came on stage. Always seeking to develop, we started to trade in home-produced dye from these factories but diversified into the new field of industrial chemical sales, focusing on those chemicals that the dye factories were consuming in large quantities.

Label of dyestuffs - featuring parrot design

Label of dyestuffs - featuring parrot design

Formation of Stock Corporation: a Response to Changing Times 1918-

Enjoying a strong position in the dyestuff industry based on Awa indigo and having put down roots in the industrial chemicals industry, we decided to form a stock corporation to prepare itself to meet the demands of a new era.

On April 1, 1918, the trade name was changed as the newly established Miki Shoten Co., Ltd. assumed the business of the Miki Yokichiro Company. In November of that year, the First World War ended, and the Japanese economy was suddenly plunged into recession. On top of this, in September 1923, the Great Kanto Earthquake caused widespread damage. The Company's economic circumstances remained bleak for several years.

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